Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Catching the Spirit of Freedom

After catching the eagles, I had some amount of afternoon left, so I decided to head over to Metro Airport to try to catch the heavies.
 First up was an Airbus A330 coming in from Amsterdam.
 I'm not sure where this 757 was coming in from, but it has the Spirit of Freedom on the nose.
 Another angle of that plane.
 And what's better than catching one 757?
 Catching two of them.
 A CRJ coming in.
 This 777 was arriving from Shanghai.
 A United Embrear 175.
 This CRJ belonged to American Airlines.
 A 737 belonging to Southwest.

 I didn't realize that I got the moon in this shot.
And I ended the day with the Lufthansa A330.

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