Friday, March 31, 2017

Catching the CSL Assiniboine on the Return Trip

It's not often that I get to catch ships as they are on the same trip but it's cool when I do because I can use it to give an idea of just how vast the Great Lakes Seaway is.
 I caught the CSL Assiniboine as she was leaving hibernation in Sarnia on Saturday.  Roughly 19 hours from that point, she would have arrived at the Soo Locks and would have passed through there.  So that means, she would have passed through the Soo on Sunday.
 It is roughly two days from Sault Ste Marie to her desination of Superior, Wisconsin.  While she was there, she picked up a load of taconite pellets (I think). 
 She would have left Superior, Wisconsin sometime on Tuesday (I think).  After roughly a two day transit, she would have passed through the Soo Locks where she would have been lowered roughly 21 feet to enter the Lake Huron system (after passing through the St. Marys River).
 Approximately 24 hours after clearing the Soo Locks, she would have been at this point which is just off Windmill Point in Detroit (or Grosse Pointe).
 After passing through the Detroit River, she would enter Lake Erie and less than a day later she would be entering the Welland Canal.
Roughly two days after clearing the Welland Canal, she will arrive at her destination of Quebec City.  There she will offload her cargo of taconite pellets which will probably be picked up by a salty to be carried to a foreign port.

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