Sunday, March 12, 2017

Another Trip to Durand

As I said, I decided to head over to Durand.  I really like the views that I can get in Durand but I wish there were more trains that passed.  I was also hoping that the train I saw in the last post wasn't the only train on the line.
 It wasn't too long before this train appeared.  It detaches part of its load and brings a handful of cars to the Durand rail yard.  After it detaches these cars, it will recouple with the rest of its load and continue on.
 I kind of like some of the graffiti I see on trains.
 Another bit of graffiti.
 Like I said, the train passes the switch and then backs up into the yard.
 It makes for some neat pictures.
 It continues to back into the yard.
 While the other train was in the yard, another train passed by.  I'm not sure where this train was headed though.
 I kind of like the shot with the signals in the background.
 I was trying to get a reflection in the window and a view of the train.  I might have to try this again next time I'm there.  I kind of like this shot but I'll have to try other angles.
 The first train after dropping off its load. 
 It's kind of cool because I get to see the conductor.
 A friendly wave from the conductor.
 I made another attempt at shooting through the window.  I kind of like the way this one turned out.
 After backing up, it picked up the rest of its load.  I think it continues on to Pontiac.
And one more shot as it continues.

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