Saturday, March 11, 2017

Afternoon With the 757s

Once it got closer to noon, I decided to leave the Ohio park and head over to Detroit Metro Airport.  I wanted to do birdwatching of a different sort.
 Before I left the park, I saw that I had the opportunity to catch a couple of 757s which is always good in my opinion.  First up was N581NW which is a 757-300 belonging to Delta Airlines.  This particular one was kind of special to me because I happen to have a model of this plane sitting on my desk.  It turns out that it was the first 757-300 that was acquired by Northwest Airlines.  It was also the first 757 to have winglets added to it.
As I was taking this picture, it was arriving from Florida Southwest International Airport.
 Next up is an Airbus A320 arriving from Cancun.
 This particular MD-88 was flying in from Atlanta.
 This 737 belonging to Southwest was also arriving from Atlanta.
 Delta 87 Heavy was a flight landing on 21L after taking 9 hours to arrive from Frankfurt, Germany.  This particular aircraft is a 767.
 This was another 757 that I was waiting for.  This particular one was coming in from Orlando, Florida.  As you can see, it was a little windy as it was coming in.
 Another angle as it passed by.
 This A320 was coming in from Florida.  Sadly, it wasn't bringing warm weather with it.
 It was kind of neat seeing a Civil Air Patrol Cessna coming in for a landing.  Flightaware had it going from Owosso to Bishop Airport in Flint.  I think it might have been a little off course.
 Another 757-300 coming from Florida.
 I kind of like it when I can catch a plane with the McDonald's sign.  It reminds me of an old commercial from the 70's (or 80's) where a plane lands at a McDonald's because the pilot had a Big Mac Attack.
and it was arriving from Atlanta.

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