Friday, March 24, 2017

Eastern Michigan Vs. Bowling Green Baseball

College Baseball is tough to follow if you are a fan of one of the northern colleges.  The season typically starts around the middle of February which means that any northern teams start their season on the road.  Usually the home opener is in late March and sometimes the weather around here can be iffy.  Despite all that, I try to make it to a couple Eastern Michigan games during the season.
 It was in the mid-70's tonight, so  I decided to head over to the home opener at Oestrike Stadium.  Eastern Michigan was playing Bowling Green.  If I remember correctly, Eastern Michigan is hovering around 5-15 but they had one of the tougher schedules in Division I baseball.
 They actually looked decent enough but I didn't stay long enough for the real fireworks.
 I think this ended up going into one of the gaps to bring in one of Eastern Michigan's runs.

This was the second Eastern Michigan run.

I only stayed for 3 innings.  At that point, the game was tied at 2.  After that, Bowling Green would take a 6-3 lead but they would fall to Eastern Michigan by a final score of 7-6 after a walk off single.  So that makes Eastern Michigan 1-0 in MAC play.

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