Saturday, March 11, 2017

Saturday Morning Eagles

I was actually hoping to get pictures of a different set of Eagles in Ohio but since they got unceremoniously bumped from the MAC Tournament by the Akron Zips, I didn't have to worry about that.  So I headed back to the Magee Marsh Wildlife area to get the eagles.
 We left early enough in the hopes that we could catch some activity.  We did catch this guy hanging outside the nest.  Every so often I could see the mother peeking around but she didn't show much of her head.
 I think this particular eagle was guarding the nest.
 I was able to walk around a little bit and get some different angles of him but he was just keeping an eye on all the people that were assembled near the nest.
 It was a little bit windblown.  After we went to check out the other nest, he ended up going hunting.  We didn't see him.
 We did end up seeing this immature eagle though.
 He flew a couple circles around the nest.
 I think he was hunting for something other than fish.
 A flip of the tail and a turn.
One more shot of him.

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