Friday, May 28, 2010

The Empire Builder - Part 3 - Eastern Montana

These are some pictures of Eastern Montana. Again, I apologize for the quality as they are taken from the train.

I believe this is the near the end of the Missouri River.

This is also the Missouri River.

The nice thing about Montana is that it was finally starting to look like the west as I imagined.

This is Malta, Montana.

The train station in Malta.

One of the things I noticed about Montana was the number of cows. So for dinner that night I had steak.

This was the station at Harve. It is also one of the main facilities for the Burlington National Santa Fe Railroad in Montana. The railroad companies actually still own the lines and Amtrak leases the lines. One of the nice things about these lines is the amount of history on them, the BNSF is a combination of many old railroad companies.

This was the Harve station. Many of the stations had old pieces of train of equipment.

More mountainous looking spots. Anyways, I am happy to have seen Montana.

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