Monday, May 17, 2010

The Soo Locks

I'm a ship freak. Ships are a very close second to planes in my books. So I decided to head over to the Soo Locks in the hopes of seeing a ship or two. Last year was okay and I thought I was going to be disappointed until I looked around the Locks.

Saw this ship at anchor in the Canadian side. This is the Algosar, a ship which is homeported in Sault Sainte Marie, Canada. She was launched in 1974 and carries petroleum products.

I'm not sure what ship this is as I didn't see it on the ship list but it looks like another one of those converted ships.

A nice shot of the International Bridge at sunset.

The Administration Building.

The Metasborg entering. The Metasborg is a Dutch ship built in 2002

Some of the men of the locks.

The ship as she's entering the MacArthur Lock.  They are down to basically two locks. One of these days they will renovate the other locks so that they can handle the larger ships.

For some reason I liked this shot.

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