Tuesday, May 25, 2010

On the Empire Builder - Part 1

Here are some pictures from the first part of the Empire Builder Leg. These are between Chicago and Minneapolis-St. Paul. There were some nice things to see but for the most part it reminded me of Michigan.

Leaving Union Station. Not sure what the buildings are but it makes for an interesting picture.

Looking down the Chicago River from the train.

Another shot from about the same spot.

Milwaukee. Unfortunately it was really foggy around Milwaukee so I couldn't get too many other shots of it. However, this is probably the most iconic imagine of Milwaukee - The Miller brewery.

The train station at the Wisconsin Dells.

Some of the touristy buildings of the Wisconsin Dells.

For some reason, it wouldn't be Wisconsin without a picture of a farm.

The Mississippi River at LaCrosse Wisconsin. This is the first time I've really seen the Mississippi (that I can remember, I might have seen it when I was little). And I'll have to admit it is a pretty impressive looking River.

Another shot of the Mississippi. This is somewhere in Minnesota.

The train station in Winona Minnesota. One of the nice things about the Empire Builder is that it follows alot of history. Many parts of it were built on areas that Lewis and Clark Explored. Also, it follows along many of the same routes that settlers would have used.

Sunset over the Mississippi.

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