Tuesday, May 25, 2010

In Chicago

I had a little time to kill in Chicago, so I decided to wander around a little bit and take some pictures. It was a kind of muggy day and I didn't have alot of time so I didn't wander too far. Anyways, the station is not too far from the Sears (can't call it Willis) Tower, so I got a couple pictures of that.

Looking up at the Sears Tower.

Looking down one of the streets.

The Blackhawks were in the Conference Champions (they ended up winning), so parts of the city were decorated for them.

Not sure who did this statue but it looks pretty cool.

The Blackhawks' colors.

one of the statues at the Cook County building.

A closeup of his face.

Another statue.

And a closeup of his face.

The Cook County seal.

Looking down another street. From the Cook County building, I think.

Looking up at the Sears Tower again. It was a cloudy day, so makes for a pretty striking picture.

Another shot of the Sears Tower with a Chicago flag in the foreground.

The globe in front of the Sears Tower.

Looking down the Chicago River.

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