Monday, November 1, 2010

More Pictures of the Eagle

Since I was up in Bay City, I had to get some pictures of the eagles.

This is one of the eagles sitting in the tree. The way he was haunched over made me think that he would take off at any second.

And he did take off, giving me this shot which I really liked.

And this shot which I would have liked had it been a little clearer.

This is one of the other eagles standing in her nest. I liked the way her head looked in the wind.

Then I came back a little later, and this eagle was standing a little closer to the road which meant I didn't need to crop this shot as much.

Another shot of that eagle from another angle.


Anonymous said...

I think that eagle was out at Crystal Lake in Montcalm county a couple weekends ago. I guess it was visiting relatives, eh.

Anonymous said...

I like the eyeball to eyeball picture of the eagle and camera.