Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Michigan Union in October

Continuing my 12 Month series of the Michigan Union. I was hoping that there would be more color on the leaves so I might have to go back. I arrived in Ann Arbor early enough last night that I could get better pictures of the building though (no motion blur or underexposing this time). I am glad there was some color in the ivy though and that means I'll probably revisit sometime later this month.

In the 12 months I've taken shots of this building, I'm not sure if I ever went through the history. It was designed by a pair of architects who graduated from the University (named Irving Kane Pond and Allen Barlit Pond) and was completed in 1917 on the site of the former Thomas Cooley house. During construction, the building was used as a training barracks for the Army. In 1994 it was renovated.

In 1960, President Kennedy announced the creation of the Peace Corps on the steps.

Looking up at the top of the tower with the Michigan flag flying at the top.

One of my favorite views of the tower, looking up but not quite at the stark angle.

This statue represents the scholar, he look towards the north which is where Central and North Campus would be. This is where most of the academics would be housed.

This statue represents the athlete, he looks towards the south where most of the athletic fields are located. I'm not sure if either of these statues are representations of people though.

Looking straight up at the tower. This is definately my favorite view.

Last month I was trying some different angles, I think I nailed it this month.

This is a picture of some of the architectural details.

Looking at one of the sides of the entrance way.

This is a shot from across the street to give you a better idea of the architecture.

Looking at the front from another angle.

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