Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Shrine of the Little Flower...Again

I've posted pictures of the Shrine of the Little Flower on here before. It is probably one of my favorite structures in the Metro Detroit area. Everytime I stop by, I see different things on it.

This is a statue of Jesus nearby. I kind of liked this picture because of the reflections on the table.

There is a little flower garden nearby and this is a statue of Mary that is contained there. I think this would look really nice in black and white.

Jesus breaking the bread. You can see a hint of his reflection in the table.

A shot from the front. I liked this one because of the petal on his plate.

This is one of the doors to the chapel.

This is one of the carvings on the side of the structure. I believe it is supposed to be a Roman centurion.

Looking up at Jesus on the Cross.

Looking at the other side. I wanted this shot because of the red tree in the foreground.

Another shot from roughly the same angle but without the tree.

Looking up at the crucifix. I liked this shot because of the sky in the background.

Looking at Jesus from another angle.

Looking through some trees.

A shot of some of the flowers with an out of focus Mary in the background.

This shot was as I was leaving.

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