Saturday, October 23, 2010

T.L. Handy Commeration and Football Game

In 1987, I graduated from T.L. Handy High School with a class of a little over 100. Three years later, the High School was closed down and converted to a Middle School. A couple weeks ago, I got an invitation on Facebook because they were going to use the Bay City Central Vs. Bay City Western game to honor the High School, so I decided to attend. They also decided to honor the 1970 Football team.

As I went to school the Handy-Central game was the last game of the season and usually was the biggest game. Now that game is the Central-Western game.

I caught this shot as the Central players were practicing. I really liked it.

Before the game, we took a lap around the track as they honored our high school. These were shields that were carried by the band at one point.

During the march, the combined bands played the Handy fight song. Sadly since it's been 23 years since I've heard it, I didn't really remember it.

They had Mr. White who was our band director for 37 years conduct the band. The person in the picture here is a good friend of mine from my youth. He is now a State Representative and is running for the State Senate. I wish him the best of luck in that endeavor.

This is a shot of the bands.

The Western quarterback after passing the ball.

The pile of bodies.

I think Western is scoring in this pile. There was alot of Western scoring.

One of the Central players running with the ball.

Same play, a little bit later. He's making a nice cut.

One of the Western players running.

The Central players during the snap. I wasn't at my normal vantage point for this shot, so I couldn't get a shot of the trench, but I still like this shot.

Another Western player running with the ball.

This was the score just before halftime. Western was leading 33-14.

Make it 40-14.

The Central band playing during halftime.

The Central drumline. One of the things I remembered about Central was that they always had a pretty decent band.

Since the score was 40-14 and I didn't really care who won, I decided to head out from the game. I was hoping the game would be at least competitive but alas, it wasn't. Oh well, I was mainly there to see if I could hook up with some of the people I graduated with, which I did and that was nice.


Anonymous said...

Apparently the year didn't end on a high note for the Wolves. I guess there is next year.

Kathy English said...

Nice pics!

The "Handy" shields were new our sophomore year, I believe. The pompon girls usually carried them.

I think there were 200 in our graduating class :-)

Our band & Central's would play together during half-time. Their majorettes were always nice.

Handy hold that line hold that line
Handy now's the time
now's the time
drive on strive on
we will make a score
for our Handy
as we've done before
Handy throw a pass
throw a pass
we will win this game
come on and fight
fight and give us just another
wildcat victory

(or - substitute
"throw a pass
kick their ass")

Mikoyan said...

Thank you for the compliment.

New in our sophomore year, that means they are pretty old now.

I honestly don't remember how many people we graduated with. I thought it was like 120...but that number may be higher.

I do like Central's band. IT seems like they've always had a decent ban.

Thanks for the fight song. I remember when they played it during the game but it sounded vaguely familiar. It's sad because I remember Eastern's fight song and of course Michigan's (but then again I've been to both teams games in recent memory).