Monday, October 25, 2010

Wandering Down Woodward

I wasn't sure how late the Roger Waters concert would be nor how long it would take me to get home from it so I decided to take today off. After doing my laundry and seeing what a nice day it was, I decided to head down to Detroit. I thought that I would do the Woodward trip that I have been thinking about but once I got north of the Detroit Institute of Arts, there was alot of construction so that put the kabosh on my plans (besides it was getting fairly late). I got alot of good pictures from downtown to the DIA though and here they are.

This was the display window of a wig shop as I was getting out of my car. I liked the reflections on the glass and the look of the wigs.

This is sculpture that is in Campus Martius. Not sure what it is supposed to be.

This is the Michigan Soldier's and Sailor's Monument in Campus Martius. This has been shown on this blog several times before because I really like it.

And of course Joe Louis' fist. I've said it before and I'll say it again, it's no wonder that he beat so many of his opponents.

This is the One Woodward Building. It was designed by the same guy that designed the World Trade Center (you can see hints of that building in this building).

This is the Comidas statue on Jefferson.

And of course the Renaissance Center. It was kind of interesting because the GM logo on the front of the building was blacked out. I wonder if that was because they were filming something and GM didn't pay for product placement.

The Spirit of Detroit statue which also has been shown on this blog several times.

The Comerica Tower. This is probably one of my favorite tall buildings in Detroit.

I'm not sure what the statue is.

The building in the front is the Vinton Building which was designed by Albert Kahn (a name you've seen several times on this blog).

This used to be the Grand Trunk Ticket office. The Grand Trunk was a railroad that went from the Atlantic and through the Midwest. I think a version of it is still around these days.

Looking up at the Vinton Building.

The top of the Soldier's and Sailor's Monument.

Another shot of the Soldier's and Sailor's Monument.

Looking up at the statue at the top from a different angle.

This is the point of origin for Detroit. It was established by Judge Woodward after the fire of 1805. From here you have Woodward, Michigan Avenue and a couple of other streets.

This is the Kern's clock. It used to be on a building. It was restored to roughly its original spot by Compuware when they built their headquarters.

Looking down Woodward Avenue.

This is the Giant Tiger statue in front of Comerica Park. When I go to games, I don't get a chance to get a picture of this without throngs of people in the way so this was kind of nice to get it alone.

Looking at the statue from another angle.

The Fox Theater.

I'm not sure what building this is, but it is on Wayne State's campus. I liked the knight sculptures.

A bronze knight statue.

The thinker statue sitting in front of the Detroit Institute of Arts.

Another angle of the statue.

This is the Horace H. Rackham Educational Memorial. This was the home of the Engineering Society of Detroit until they moved to Southfield and was built in 1941.

As I said, I had planned to go all the way up Woodward but construction kind of deterred that wish.

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