Saturday, October 23, 2010

T.L. Handy High School

As I mentioned a couple of posts ago, I graduated from T.L. Handy High School in Bay City, Michigan. Since I was in town anyway and its been a while since I've looked at the school, I decided to go take some pictures of it. I didn't realize that it is a fairly nice building.

Since I like to take architectural shots, this would be perfect.

This is a shot of the courtyard and the front of the building. The school is named after Thomas Lincoln Handy and this is the land where his house sat on. The entrance to the right used to be where his living room was. This land was used a coal mine but it closed in 1920.

Handy started life as a middle school and in 1946 it was converted to high school. This would have been the entrance to the old gym.

This is a picture of some of the architectural details.

This is a shot of the front of the building. The clock was donated by the class of 1953.

This is the main entrance.

Another shot of some of the details. In 1973, the school was expanded and they added a second gym and pool. Also a science wing was added.

This is a shot of a mural on the north end of the building. I'm kind of suprised it is still there but it looks faded.

This is a sign. Our school colors were red and white and our mascot was a wildcat.

A shot of the football field. If I recall, our football team wasn't the greatest.

A shot of the old stands. The building was reverted to a middle school in 1990.

I'm actually kind of glad they had the commeration. A couple of weeks ago, my mom was talking about the school she teaches at having a homecoming. She commented that it was nice that some of the alumni would come to it. It made me think that it would be nice to go to a homecoming for my high school...but alas this would be the closest I would get to one.


Anonymous said...

Nice photos.. Miss the old days at Handy when it was a High School. A couple things though, his house wasn't actually on the land. His house sat on the West Side of Euclid where Krogers or Mr. B's was at. I am not sure what company owns that building now. Handy died before the school was opened. The family donated some of the items in his house (such as the fireplace) to the school.

Anonymous said...

im going to this school... its alot bigger than these pictures.. lol

Sherry Melendez said...
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woonamission said...

thanks I enjoyed looking at your site. I happened there because are last name (married name) is Handy, so I was looking for history of are family. Very good info thanks

woonamission said...

great informatin