Sunday, October 3, 2010

The Tahquamenon Falls in October

The Tahquamenon Falls are part of my 12 month project and as much as I like to look at them, I am kind of glad that I only have 2 more months left of going up there. It was still a little chilly to go up there but the wind wasn't as bad as Mackinaw City, so it wasn't quite as cold. Because of the colors, there were alot of people there and it kind of made me long for the days back in January when there was noone there. Anyways....

This is probably my standard shot of the falls. You can definately see the hints of color in the front.

I decided to pull back from this shot so that you could see the colors in the forests around the Falls. This was the main reason that I decided to do this series. I remember a couple years ago when I took a picture of the falls in October. Unfortunately water levels were down, so it didn't look quite a spectacular as this one.

Moving slightly to the side to get some of the trees out of the way.

Another one of my favorite spots to take a picture of the Falls.

This is the shot as you first come on the trail.

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