Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Detroit News Building

The Detroit News Building is about three blocks down Lafayette from the Free Press building. It also was designed by Albert Kahn and was constructed in 1917.

It is a three story reinforced concrete building where the concrete is made to look like stone. The large windows were designed to let light into the building but they were blocked after the riots in 1967. They were reopened when the Free Press move its offices there.

The sayings at the top are pretty cool.

Each of the statues appear to be important figures in the history of the news.

The Detroit News started in 1873 and 1919 it absorbed the Detroit Tribune and later the Detroit Times. Later the News and Free Press effectively merged leaving the editorial staffs of each intact.

It's a pretty neat looking building. Sadly, it probably is reminiscent of happier times for newspapers.


BlueDragon said...

Tell me about it. Detroit Free Press? Ugh.

Mikoyan said...

I used to read the Free Press all the time when I was going to school. That was in the days before Drew Sharp and Mitch Albom having a big head. Bob Talbot rocked.