Sunday, February 20, 2011

The Eagles Again....

So I went up to my mom's yesterday and we of course went over to the eagles. They weren't there earlier in the day and they weren't there the last time I went up by that way. So we took care of a few things and went back around sunset hoping to see them again. We were not disappointed.

Even though this shot is a little blurry, I kind of like the silouette effect against the blue sky. This is one of the younger eagles.

I really like this shot, the light from the sunset hitting the eagle just right.

I think I would like this shot a little better if the leaves in the lower left corner weren't in the way.

The proud eagle basking in the glow of the sunlight.

A pair of eagles flying. They almost looked like they were fighting.

The same pair from a different angle.

The nice thing about the picture above is that the eagles were spread far enough apart that it amounted to a two for one picture.

The other eagle.

I think I would have liked this shot a little better if it were clearer. I'm kind of upset because the sunlight was hitting his head just right.

Another shot of the eagle.

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