Sunday, February 20, 2011

More Shots of the Trains...

I also decided to stop by the trains again before I headed home. The light was quite a bit better.

This almost looks like an engine that had the crew compartment removed.

An Engine for Rail America.

I'm not sure what company this engine is for.

One of the Huron and Eastern Railway engines.

A shot of both of the engines together. I kind of like this shot.

Just an overall shot of the railyard.

A shot of the engine from the side.

Another one of the former Central Michigan trains.

This is a shot of another part of the railyard.

Another shot that I kind of like.


Pull Up A Chair said...

I like the color. Very nice choo-choos.

Bigasshammm said...

Cool pics as always.

Idk if you follow the show Top Gear on the BBC but you need to watch this week's episode. It will be on again next monday somewhere around 8-10pm on BBC America if you have that channel. It's the episode where they take a Mercedes and Rolls to Albania. I think you'll find why you will like that episode about 45 minutes into it.

BlueDragon said...

The portrait picture of the orange engine is my favorite. It fills up the frame well and the angle gives the picture some depth.