Thursday, June 1, 2017

A Pair of Business Jets

As I was getting out of work, I looked up in the sky and saw what appeared to be a four engine plane, I looked at FlightAware and saw that it was a KLM 747.  As I looked around the area, I noticed that a couple of planes were due to land at Willow Run, so I decided to head over there.
 I think this one was coming in from Flint, Michigan.  It was listed an an FA20 and I racked my brain over what that meant.  It turns that it is a Dassault Falcon 20.  I'm pretty sure that I've posted this type of aircraft on here.
The Dassualt Falcon 20 was the first of a set of business jets designed by Dassault Aviation of France.  This is the company behind the famous Mirage series of fighters.  Development of this aircraft began in December of 1961.  Originally it was going to have Pratt and Whitney engines but Pan American was interested and had them changed to GE CF700 turbofan.  It would have its first flight in 1963 and the first production aircraft rolled off the line in 1965.  It was used by French Navy and Coast Guard (amongst others).  Production lasted for a total of 25 years and 508 planes were produced.
 This is a Cessna 172.  I know that I've mentioned this type of plane before.
My next plane was a Learjet 40.  I'm pretty sure that this plane was on this blog before but I'm not certain.  The Learjet 40 is a derivative of the Learjet 45 but is smaller.  The Lear Company is now part of Bombardier (maker of the CRJ).  This type of aircraft first flew in 2002.  Production started in 2004 and continues to the present.

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