Sunday, June 25, 2017

Watching an Eagle Get Breakfast

After catching the 757, I headed down to Magee.  Like I said, I wanted to be there early enough to see the eagles when they were the most active.
 The first thing I was a rabbit.  I wanted to try to get closer to it....
 ...but alas.
 It was cool to see the eagle out, but unfortunately he wasn't in the best position for pictures.
 "Hey, quit paying attention to those eagles over there...I'm a much nicer looking bird."
 Another shot of the eagle.  It was almost like he was drinking his coffee and reading his newspaper before going out "shopping".
 I think this is a muskrat.
 The eagle finally left the tree to look for breakfast.  I wasn't able to get a decent shot of him leaving, but since I was looking in the right direction, I was able to get a pretty cool shot of him coming back.
 The eagle was getting molested by the other birds as it was bringing the fish back to the nest.
 "Flaps set.  Gear down.  Clearance to land."
 I think there were three eagles in the nest, but the other one was staying hidden.
 He looks out over his domain.
 I'm not sure what he was looking down at.
 I think this was a heron.
 I would have liked the shot better if he were in the water.
 But I really like this shot.
Magee has two eagle nests.  I was beginning to think that this nest was abandoned and then I saw this young eagle peek out.

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