Thursday, June 15, 2017

Catching My Cousin's Return

My cousin ended up returning from Germany on Sunday.  I didn't end up meeting with him and his wife but I wanted to at least catch his plane as it came in.  The fact that it was a pretty nice day helped in that cause.
 I was able to watch the Lufthansa A340 as it came in but I didn't get to the airport in time to get pictures of it.  So the first plane that I caught was this Embrear 170 belonging to Republic Airlines but wearing United Express regalia.  It was coming in from Newark.
 This CRJ-200 wasn't too far behind the Embrear as it arrived from Rochester, NY.
 This is the A330 that was coming in from Amsterdam.  This wasn't my cousin's plane.
 But I do kind of like the looks of this plane.
 It definitely wasn't this CRJ-200 that was arriving from Iowa.
 Nor this 767 that was coming in from Munich.  I'd imagine this plane left at roughly the same time though.
 Nor this Embrear 175 coming from Monterrey.
 This particular CRJ-700 belongs to an airline called Mesa.  They used the callsign of "Air Shuttle".  It was arriving form Dulles.
 Coming in from the land of Rice-a-Roni was a 757.
 This is a Gulfstream V, but I'm not sure of where it came from.
 This is the Frontier Bunny Plane.
 A 737 belonging to Southwest Airlines.
 I like it when I see different liveries.  I know that I've posted Air Canada before, but I think they have a pretty cool looking livery.  It was coming in from Toronto.
This is the Boeing 717-200 and is a direct descendant of the DC-9 series of jets.  I didn't realize it but the little windows above the cockpit are a throwback to the days when they would use the stars to help in navigation.  It was arriving from Reagan Airport in Washington DC.
 This Embrear was arriving from LaGuardia.
 A CRJ-900 arrives from Charlotte, NC.  I actually like the looks of the CRJ but I see too many of them.  I was thinking today that it wasn't too long ago that the routes these planes service would have used propeller planes.
 Unfortunately, I didn't get a good angle to make out the tail number of this plane.
 This is tail number N819AY which means N819 Awww Yess!!!!  It was coming in from the Piedmont Airport.
 The flight from Frankfurt to Detroit is a direct flight and is labeled Delta 87.  Since the A330 is a larger aircraft, it is considered as a heavy for flight control purposes, so this plane would call in as Delta 87 Heavy.  The flight itself left Frankfurt at 11:03 AM CEST which stands for Centeral European Standard Time and I believe that is 6 hours behind us.  It arrived at 2:08 PM, making it a 9 hour flight.  That's alot of time to spend on a plane.
 This 737-800 was arriving from Denver which made for a considerably shorter flight than my cousin's.
 And another one.
 This particular 757 was coming in from Florida.
 This ERJ was coming in from Richmond.
 I love it when I see a 757.  This is an older one without the winglets.
 I think these are nice looking planes.
 Another ERJ.
 This 757 was coming in from Orlando.  I like the spot that I normally shoot from.  It gives me good views of the planes landing at all runways.  Unfortunately, on a hot day like Sunday, I get a little heat distortion.
And I ended the day with a Southwest 737.

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