Saturday, June 10, 2017

Out Amongst the CRJ's

After catching the 727, I decided that I wanted to do a little more planewatching, so I headed over to Metro Airport.  It was a nice enough night for planewatching.
 A little bit of a storm had just moved through and for a brief moment, they were routing all of the planes over the other runway.  So I went to a spot where I could catch planes landing there.  While this isn't a bad spot, it's not my favorite.
First up is a Republic Airlines wearing American Eagle regalia that was arriving at Metro from LaGuardia Airport.
 Next up was the A330 that was coming in from Beijing.  That is a 13 hour flight.  And if I remember correctly, it is a 15 hour flight back.
 this CRJ-200 was coming in from Binghamton, NY.
 I like the fact that Spirit uses different colors for their planes.  It stands out from the sea of white airplanes.  This A319 was arriving from Atlanta.
 An Embrear Phenom 300 coming in for a landing.
 It's kind of nice to see the business jets amongst the other one.
 A 757 coming for a landing after the flight from San Diego.
 A CJR-900 coming in from Manchester, NH.
 This plane was coming from the land of the Cavaliers.

The Air France A340 coming in from Paris.
 Next up was an A320 belonging to Spirit.  This was also arriving from LaGuardia.
 Arriving from Boston was this JetBlue ERJ-190.
 another CRJ.
 We end the day with a 757-300.  This is the stretch version of the 757.
 I like the graceful look of this plane.
And this one was coming from Orlando.

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