Thursday, June 15, 2017

A Quick Stop in Durand

So after the airport we headed up to Milford and then we headed up to Durand.  It was around time to catch the train that drops off cars at the yard.
 I think it was hotter up in Durand and it wasn't feeling particularly comfortable for me.  But I had pictures to take.
 I like trying to get the signal lights in the picture.
 I think this is one of the special CN units.  I kind of liked the artwork on the side.  It says "L'aventure se poursuit" which means "The adventure continues".
 Normally the train pulls down the main line and then backs into the yard.  This time it did it a different way.  I suspect that they had the cars needed at the yard at the back of the train.
 I kind of liked this graffiti.   I think it is supposed to be a scene from Back to the Future.
 Save the whales.
 One of the workers on the train.
 Looking down the depot.
 And this is how close I was to the train even though I was behind the fence.
Looking the other way.

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