Sunday, June 25, 2017

Catching up with the Mesabi Miner

After seeing the eagles, I took a look at Marine Traffic to see what was cooking on the river.  One of the ships that I saw was the Algosteel and I was hoping to catch her since this may very well be her last season.
 Sadly, I missed the Algosteel by about 10 minutes but the Mesabi Miner was making her way downbound.  It has been a little over a year since I've seen her.  So it was kind of nice to catch up to her.
 I'm not sure where she was heading from but she was heading down to Toledo.  I think she may have been carrying a load of coal from Superior, Wisconsin.
 The first of two headshots.  The lighting was just about right for me.  I think the atmospherics were just about right to as I didn't get much distortion on my pictures today.
 The Mesabi Miner makes her way off Lake Huron in order to enter the St. Clair River.
 From this point, she is about 3 hours from Lake St. Clair.  Then it is roughly two hours until she passes Belle Isle.
 From Belle Isle, she is in the Detroit River for about 2.5 more hours.
 And then I think it is 3 or 4 more hours until she reaches her destination of Toledo.
 There were just enough clouds today and they looked pretty nice.
 It's always cool to see 1000 feet worth of ship.
 A shot of her bow.
 And a shot of her plimsoll lines.  Lake levels are much higher this year.  I think this means that they can load the ships heavier this year.
 A shot of her pilothouse.
And one more shot of her as she continues on her way.

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