Tuesday, June 13, 2017

The Alpena Visits St Joseph

Ever since I caught the Cuyahoga leaving St Joseph, I've wanted to catch a ship entering St Joseph.  I really wanted a shot with the lighthouse in it.
 It wasn't too long after I arrived at the pier that I saw the Alpena off the horizon.  I was able to make it over to St Joseph in enough time.
 I wasn't particularly happy with the shots of the Alpena as she worked her way across the channel.  I think I get too much distortion sometimes.  I was kind of happy with the shot.  It seemed like she was lined up too far to the left of the pier.
 It was pretty windy on Saturday and I think they were enough to shift the ship over as she made her way towards the channel entrance.
 By the time she was passing the entrance, she was in the proper position to work her way in.
 The light was perfect as it was early in the morning.
 And then I was able to get the shot that I was looking for.  I kind of like the fact that I have both the lighthouse and range light in the shot.
 This is probably more of the picture that I was looking for.  Next time I may try from the other side though but I'm not sure how well that will work out.
 The ship gets closer.
 A shot of her pilothouse.
 The wind was going in the right direction to cause the flag to fly in the right direction.
 Then I decided to get some pictures of her as she was docked at the cement plant.
 And then I went up to the bridge to get some different angles.
I think this is my favorite angle.

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