Friday, June 16, 2017

Losing my Power

On Monday night, I ended up losing my power for a couple of hours.  I wasn't really planning on doing anything that night but I didn't feel like staring at a blank apartment, so I decided to head over to the airport.
 The airport had power, which was a good thing.  I'm going to guess that there are backup generators though.  Although I guess they might just divert the planes to other airports if they lost power.
A CRJ-700 belonging to GoJet coming in for a landing.  GoJet has the callsign of "Lindbergh" which is pretty cool.  It was arriving from Manchester, New Hampshire.
 An American Airlines Airbus A320 coming in for a landing on Runway 21L.  It was arriving from Charlotte, North Carolina.  I think Charlotte may be one of American's hubs as I see many of their planes coming from there.
 A Republic ERJ-170 arriving from LaGuardia Airport in New York.
 This is an MD-88 arriving from Windsor Locks, CT.
 And then there was another MD-88.  This particular one was coming in from Baltimore-Washington International.
 A Boeing 717 coming in from Kennedy.
 This Airbus A319 was also arriving from LaGuardia.
 Another A319 but this one was arriving from Pittsburgh, home of the current Stanley Cup Champions.
 Flying in from Orlando was this Airbus A321.  I think this plane is the Airbus answer to the 757.  In fact it kind of looks like a 757, but not as nice.  I never noticed that Spirit paints the nose on some of their planes.  I kind of like the look and I wish more airlines would do that.
 A CRJ-900 coming in for a landing.  Unfortunately, I can't make out the tail number.
 After a while, I went to my other plane watching spot.  I'm still getting used to this one but it lets me get shots of the planes coming in on the other runway.  When the angles are right, I can get two planes in a shot.
 This plane was coming in from the land of coffee and rain.  Or something like that.  Anyway, it was coming from the lovely Northwest...Seattle in particular.
 And this A319 was coming from the land of Rice-A-Roni.
 And this plane was arriving from Midway Airport in Chicago.  At one time, Midway was the busiest airport in the country.  If I remember correctly, it wasn't a bad airport to fly into but I think it may be a little cramped.
 A CRJ-200.  It was flying in from Iron Mountain, MI.
 I kind of liked the look of this tree.
 And the presence of a 757 made me happy.
 It was arriving from LAX.
 Another MD-88.  This one was arriving from Nashville.
 A CJR-200 arrives from the home of the Wright Brothers.  It's kind of amazing when you think of the progress that aviation has made in the past 100 years.
 I end my stay at Metro with a United ERJ coming in from Bush International Airport in Houston, Texas.
 However, I wasn't quite finished as I saw that there was a plane arriving at Willow Run.  It was a plane that I don't think I've seen before.
The Fairchild Swearingen Metroliner is a 19 seat twin turboprop pressurized airliner produced in Texas.  It had it's first flight in August of 1969 and the first plane rolled of the production line in 1972.  During its 20 years of production, a little over 600 were produced.  This particular one was arriving from Laredo Texas.
I didn't mean to get a shot like this but it was pretty cool.
My power was restored by the time I got home.

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