Thursday, June 8, 2017

Catching the Cessnas

As I was leaving the office, I heard a distinctive whomp whomp in the sky and I looked up and saw a Chinook helicopter.  I thought that it might be heading over to the Ann Arbor Airport to land there.  It turns out that it didn't.
 But that was okay because there were at least three Cessnas doing touch and goes.
 There is something about catching these kinds of planes over commercial planes.  I think one of the things is that they don't all come in at the angles and what not.
 Generally they have different colors.
 I also like the fact that I can move around a little bit and get myself in different angles.
 Occasionally, I can get the beam shot.
 Or the head on shot....
 ...without the ensuing belly shot.
 I do like it when I get some clouds in my pictures.
 Especially like this.
And one more shot of the Cessnas before moving on.

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