Friday, February 11, 2011

Michigan Vs. The Evil Ones from Columbus - Hockey

So as I said in my previous post, I went to the Michigan Hockey game. They were playing the hated Buckeyes of The University of Ohio State. And what the heck is a buckeye you might ask? Well, apparently it is a poisonous nut and judging by some of the things I've heard about their fans, it is a fitting mascot for them. Although, it is also a really good snack item of chocolate over peanut butter.

Anyways, Ohio State is Michigan's biggest rival in football but not so much in hockey but still it is nice to see Michigan at least to try to beat on them. My seat was pretty good for watching the game because I was right behind the goal judge but it wasn't so great for taking pictures because of all the stuff that had a nasty habit of getting in the way. However, I gave it the try so here goes....

One of my favorite aspects of watching hockey is the Zamboni. I don't know why, it's not particuarly exciting but no other sport has anything to compare.

A shot of Ben Winnet during the pre-game practice. I kind of like these shots because they are much easier than during the game.

A shot of the hockey band. It's not quite the same size as the band during football games but it does get pretty loud.

During the National Anthem.

A shot of the bench. Behind the players is the legendary coach, Red Berenson.

One of the Michigan players getting dumped to the ice.

Luke Moffat going in on goal.

Matt Rust going in on the attack.

Another shot of the bench. I kind of like this shot a little better because its a little more animated.

The Ohio State goalie just after giving up a goal. This was Michigan's first of the evening.

A.J. Treais going in on the attack.

A closeup of one of the officials. I could swear they wore glasses but no evidence of that. Maybe they should.

A shot of Scooter Vaughn, he was one of the Michigan goal scorers.

A shot of the student section. One of the nice things about Yost is that it isn't very large so the sounds carry a little better. Another nice thing about Yost is that the student section is a larger portion of the crowd, so they are a little more animated that other sporting events. It makes Yost an imtimidating place to play.

I think this is David Wohlberg but I can't really tell the number.

Michigan goalie Hunwick making a save.

A scrum at the corner.

I seem to recall this being Michigan's second goal.

A closeup of Michigan's goalie. You can see the artwork on his mask.

Louie Caporusso going in on the attack.

The post game handshake. I think one of the other things I like about College sports is the emphasis on sportsmanship. I think the only time you see handshakes in professional sports is during the NHL playoffs.

A shot of the final score...Michigan won 3-2.


Anonymous said...

These are really good! I think you were in a perfect spot to take pictures, personally. The one of the OSU goalie after the first score is genius. I love seeing the fear in my enemies' eyes at the moment of their downfall.

Anonymous said...

Amazing shots!

Anonymous said...

Nice work! That IS David Wohlberg, you got it right. The guy taking a dive up in one of the first pictures is Chad Langlais, btw.