Wednesday, August 26, 2015

American Integrity on the River

I can never grow tired of watching a thousand footer go by.
 The American Integrity is one of thirteen thousand footers that travel on the Great Lakes.  It is amazing to think that something this large can move, let alone float.
 All of these thousand footers are American owned and they exclusive operate on Lake Superior, Michigan, Huron and Erie.  They are too large to go through the Canadian locks.  Even though a few of these vessels are registered in Wilmington, Delaware, they will never see it.
 These large ships carry a variety of cargo, but for the most part they stick to taconite and coal.  The coal is for the many coal fired power plants that line the Great Lakes.  Most of this coal is the low sulfur variety that is moved by train from the Western United States.  The American Integrity can carry almost 81,000 tons of coal.  If you were to send this all the way on a train, it would be the equivalent 8 trains with 100 cars.
 At any rate, they are impressive.
 And even more impressive up close.
One more shot as she continues on her way to Lake Huron.  Roughly two days after this picture, she will be back in Duluth where she will pick up another load and continue the cycle.

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