Sunday, August 2, 2015

Watching the Trains Go By

My original plan was to head over to Muskegon to catch the Algorail coming in but then she got moved back until tomorrow.  Since there wasn't really anything going on the river, I decided to head down to Fostoria.
 As I was heading into down, I saw that there was a green signal for a southbond train on the North-South Line that passes through Fostoria.  So I knew it wouldn't be long before I saw a train.  This is probably one of my favorite views in the park.
 The main reason I like this view is because it doesn't take too long to get a head shot.
 But then I kind of like the three quarters view too.
 It was pulling an engine with an older paint scheme.
 I didn't really feel like walking from point to point.  And after this train, I decided to go over to Deshler.
 I was hoping to beat this train over to Deshler, but that didn't look promising as I got stopped just outside of Fostoria.  I think I got a nice picture out of it though.
 It turns out that it was heading for the Cincinatti line, so I had to slow down.  That gave me a chance to catch it.
 And get some of the nicer views.
 And it continues on its way.
 As I was watching the other train head south, I saw a train that was heading north but apparently it had to wait for a westbound train.
 And another one.
 I kind of wish I weren't shooting into the sun.
 After those two trains passed, the northbound train was able to advance.
 I kind of liked the shot with the Deshler tower in the background.
 And it continues towards Toledo.
I really liked the shadow of the crossing gate on the train.

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