Sunday, August 2, 2015

Amongst the Wheat Sheaves

I decided to head over to Clare next.  It was about time for the wheat to be harvested and there was something I wanted to see.
 There is a fair number of Amish that live in the area around Clare.  Amish arrange their drying wheat in what is called a wheat sheaf.
 This is a pretty good arrangement for trying to dry wheat.  It looks pretty cool to boot.
 One of the barns in the area.  This one looks like it has been expanded a few times.
 Another angle.
 I  kind of like the look of older rural churches.  Especially in this light.
 The direct light.
 I kind of liked this view.
 Another view of that field.
 I'm not really sure about this picture.
 Then I found a field of horses.  I kind of liked the looks there.
 They were running away from me in this shot.
Under the watchful eye of a horse.

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