Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Samuel de Champlain and Her Barge Work the River

I'm not a hug fan of tug/barge combinations but this one is fairly unique.
 I think I've caught this combo once before but that was a few years ago.  She is owned by the LaFarge Cement company but managed by the Andrie Company out of Muskegon.
 Given her owners, she is obviously used to haul cement to the various plants around the Lakes.
 The barge was built at the Bay Shipbuilding Company in Wisconsin in 2006.  She has a capacity of 14,000 tons.
 The tug was built by Mangone Shipbuilding in Houson, TX.  She started life as the Musketeer Fury in 1975.  In 1978, she became the Tender Panther.  Later she would become the Margarita, Vortice and Norfolk.  In 2006, she would become the Samuel de Champlain when she was mated with her barge.
She is heading to the cement plant near DelRay.

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