Friday, August 28, 2015

Just Watching the Planes Go By

After hearing various planes from the air show flying over the office today and not really being able to see them, I decided that I needed to go planewatching.  I was hoping that it wasn't going to be like last night where I didn't see anything.
 As I was leaving the office, I saw that there was a plane circling around.  That usually means there is someone doing touch and go landings.
 One of the planes doing it was this Cessna.  However, I think this one landed right after I got there.
 That Cessna was soon followed by this Cessna but I think he only did a couple passes as well.
 It made for a nice picture though.
 Soon they were joined by this Piper Arrow.
 I kind of like the looks of these planes.
 And that was followed fairly closely by this plane.
 Although what caught my eye was this Aeronca Champion.  The Champion first flew in 1944 and entered production in 1945.    This initial production run only lasted until 1950.  As the light aviation market picked up again, production of this aircraft started again in 2007.  It is powered by a 65 horsepower Continental engine.  This gives the plane a maximum speed of 95 miles per hour.  With a stall speed of 38 miles per hour, it can handle low speeds pretty well.
 Another shot of the Cessna.
 I think this is a pretty neat looking aircraft.
 I kind of like the pattern on the tail.
 One of the Pipers approaching again.
 The straight out shot.
 As I was taking pictures of the other planes, I saw this Texan flying by.  This would be one of the aircraft from the Air Show.
 Back to the Champion.
 One more shot of the Champion.
 I got a surprise as I saw the Texan start to make a turn for the runway.  I was not expecting this.
 For a second, I thought that maybe he was just making a flyby, but he actually landed his aircraft.
I think this aircraft is a Dassault Falcon.  Dassault is a French Aircraft Company which is more famous for the Mirage series of fighter jets.  I don't know alot about his particular breed of business jet though.

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