Thursday, August 6, 2015

The H. Lee White Makes An Appearance

The next ship has been on this blog several times.
 The Innovation was being followed closely by the H. Lee White.  I think there might be a tight grouping of ships for a while as the MacArthur Lock is down at the time of this post.  So all ships have to go through the Poe Lock and that is slowing things down a bit.
 The H. Lee White is heading down to Cleveland.  I presume she is carrying a load of taconite for the steel mill there.  Presumably, she will offload a little bit at the dock next to Whiskey Island and then proceed down the Cuyahoga River.
 As much as I would like to catch her there, I don't think that is likely since I have an audit at work right now.
 She is a nice looking ship in the right light.
 However, it looks like she needs a little paint.
 Still, she is in pretty good shape compared to some ships.
Off in the distance, you can see the subject of the next post.

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