Friday, August 14, 2015

The Philip R. Clarke Passes Port Huron

I saw that there were a few ships passing Port Huron today, so I decided to head over there.  It was a fairly nice day to boot but I thought that there would be not so nice weather.  Actually, I was hoping that it would be a little stormy but I left too soon for that.
 First up was the Philip R. Clarke.  She's been on this blog quite a few times as she is a ship that I like the looks of.
 With the Arthur M. Anderson in layup, the Clarke, Munson and Callaway are picking up the slack for the loads that she would would normally carry.  I've actually heard that they might be getting repowered soon.
 As much as I would miss the sound of a steam turbine ship, repowering means that these ships will be around for much longer.
 And it would be a shame to lose a ship that is so nice looking.
 There was somebody diving near my spot.
 She moves down the St. Clair River.
 I decided to go down to Marysville to catch her again.
 I believe she is heading to the Rouge River with a load of stone.  I think she pretty much exclusively carries stone.
 A shot of her deckhouse.
And she continues on her merry way to Detroit.

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