Thursday, August 6, 2015

The Federal Oshima Passes St. Clair

It's very rare that I see the same saltie twice.  This was one of those situations.
 I first saw the Federal Oshima as she was passing Belanger Park a few years ago.  I was still fairly new at boatwatching then.
 After a while, the salties have grown on me.  When I first started to watch ships, I thought they were cookie cutter ships.  In many ways they are, but they have nice color schemes.
 This particular vessel was built in 1999 and that is pretty old for an ocean going vessel.  I guess the time on the lakes help take care of the some of the corrosiveness of the ocean.
 At any rate, I was catching her in the right light and it brought out her red hull against the dark blue of the river.
 I just wish the river were a little calmer.
And she continues on her way to Montreal.

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