Saturday, August 8, 2015

The Manistee Passes Algonac

I decided to head up to the St Clair River after work tonight.  I saw that there would be a couple of ships that I could catch.
 First up was the Manistee.  I looked last night and saw that I had an outside chance of catching her at Port Huron.  That chance didn't materialize, so I ended up catching her at Algonac.  Quite frankly, Algonac is not a bad place to catch a ship.
 They come fairly close to the short and generally cut a nice angle.
 The lighting was almost perfect for me.  Maybe a little bright but that's fine.
 It was more or less direct light at any rate.
 A beam shot.
 A shot of her pilothouse.  I think they may have been trying to paint her but it seems like she has been pretty busy this year.
 A shot of her deckhouse.
She is heading down to Cleveland.  I presume she is going to be delivering stone there.  I kind of wish I could catch her there but I have a boatnerd cruise tomorrow.

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