Thursday, August 6, 2015

And the Munson Makes Four

When I was heading up to St Clair, I was not expecting to see the Munson.  Nor was I expecting to see four ships.  I knew about the Federal Oshima and the H. Lee White.  I did not catch the Innovation in the clutter.  I knew that the Munson was docked at Zug Island today but I was not expecting to catch her.
 Well, I was happy about the pleasant surprise.  As I said, she was offloading stone at Zug Island.  She is heading back up to Stoneport where she will pick up another load of stone.  For the most part this has been her career.
 Apparently, her steam turbines will be replaced with diesels at the end of this shipping season.  I suspect there will probably be some other work done on her at that time.  This is a shame because I like the gentle hum of the steam turbines.  However, if this means that she will be sailing with this shape for alot longer, I can live with the thump thump of her diesels.
 She is definitely a pretty boat.
 And I love her silouette.
 A shot of her pilothouse.
 And a shot of her American flag flying proudly in the wind.
 Next I decided to head up to Marysville where I hoped the light would hang around long enough for me to get some pictures of her.
 It did, and I think I got some pretty nice ones.

 The pinks of the dusk sky coming out in this picture.
 Getting a little darker but more subdued lighting.
 Another shot of her pilothouse.
 Her flag flying prouder as the winds were more pronounce here.
And she continues on her trek to Lake Huron.

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