Monday, November 30, 2015

And the Grand Haven Lighthouse

And so I got pictures of the Grand Haven Lighthouse.
 It's a tossup between this and the St. Joseph Lighthouse for my favorite on Lake Michigan.  Both have their positives and both are pretty cool looking.  With the St. Joseph Light undergoing renovation, this one will get my attention for now.  Although, I'm hoping that I can get some ice shots of the St. Joseph Light.
 I think the deciding factor is the color of this light.  It really sets off well against the blue sky.
 And the light taper to the pier.
 A shot of the range light.  I don't often get shots from this angle.
 And it's almost impossible to get shots without people.
 Unless you take a picture of the tower.
And the sign warning that the surface may be slippery.  In the winter, it isn't kidding.

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