Friday, November 27, 2015

The American Integrity Stops for Gas

This is another ship that I would have missed.
 It seems like there are a ton of ships that are going for early layup this year.  The American Spirit and Walter J. McCarthy are both laid up at the moment.  There are also a couple of the smaller American Steamship ships that are in layup.  The Blough, Presque Isle and a couple of the Great Lakes Fleet ships are laid up.  With cheap Chinese steel, the American steel mills are scaling back for right now.  Granted, that is subject to change.  Anyway, I was happy to see the American Integrity out and about.
 I wasn't sure where she was heading but as I saw her slowing down, I thought that she was delivering a load to Zug Island.  She was too far upriver for that though.
 Then it dawned on me that she was making a stop at Mistersky to get some fuel.  And it set in when I heard the ring of the tube under the river (kidding).
 I don't think I've ever seen a ship pulling in there.
I'm not sure where she is off to after this though.

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