Monday, November 2, 2015

The Right Honorable Paul J. Martin Passes by Under Cover of Darkness

Even though I wasn't having much luck catching the Aurora, I decided to stick around because there would be a ship passing by.  I've only done night shots of moving ships a couple of times.  I figured with my new camera, I could bump the film speed up enough to catch it.
 Well it sort of worked, I don't think the shutter speed was fast enough.  I didn't want to try to bump the film speed up much more though.
 I kind of liked this one.  I have a feeling I might have had better luck shooting from Sarnia though.  I may have to try that next time.
 She is about to pass the casino.
 She passes the casino.
This was probably my favorite one of the bunch.  I would love to try this again but I think I may have to go down to Cleveland where there is better lighting over the water.

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