Sunday, November 15, 2015

Eastern Michigan Football Vs. University of Massachusetts

So I went to my last Eastern Michigan game of the season.  Sure, there is one more game against Central in two weeks but it is an away game.  The weather at the end of November can be iffy.  At any rate, here are some of my other that football pictures from yesterday.  If you want to see pictures of the game, go to Eagle Totem.
 One thing that is always cool to watch at the games is the band.  It was actually pretty nice weather yesterday.
 The color guard taking the field.
 Another the angle of the band.
 One of the cool new traditions they do is having an eagle fly on the field.  Unfortunately, I couldn't get the right angle yesterday, so I got a picture that looks like, "And the last picture in his camera was this....".
 A shot of the mascot.
 One of the cheerleaders coming down from the pyramid.
 A Delta 737 taking off from Metro Airport.
 Darius Jackson during a run.
 The flame shooting out from the touchdown cannon.
 The dance team was pretty cool too.
 The band at halftime.
 They ended up playing Star Wars again.
 One more shot of the band.
 The sun setting on the stadium.
A 727 that was taking off Willow Run.

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