Saturday, November 28, 2015

The Trudy Passes Belle Isle

I decided to head down to Detroit yesterday.  I was kind of waffling all morning on whether I wanted to catch the Milwaukee as she was leaving Detroit.  It was kind of a dreary day and I wasn't feeling all that motivated.  That all changed when I saw a pair of tugs heading up the Detroit River on AIS.  I was assuming those were the tugs that would help the Milwaukee leave her dock.  It turns out that I was right.  It also turned out that I waffled too long.  Oh well.

Since I was already down  there, I decided to check AIS to see if there was anything else heading down.  And sure enough, there were a couple other ships.  So all wasn't lost for me.
 It pretty much rained all day and the temperature ended up going down.  It didn't make for a pleasant day of boatwatching.  However, to get cool pictures, we sometimes have to endure things we don't like.
 The rain made for a nice mist over Lake St. Clair as the ships were coming in.
 The first ship that I saw was the Trudy.  She is a Liberian flagged ship owned by MST Mineralien Shciffahrt out of Germany.  She is one of many salties that travel the Great Lakes.
 She is 185 meters long and was built in 2009.
 As I see more salties, I'm finding myself liking them more.  Especially since they tend to be more colorful than lakers.
 I'm not quite sure where she is headed though.
At any rate, she is headed downriver.

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