Sunday, January 10, 2016

An Icy Day Wolverine

So we got the predicted snow but I don't think we got as much as predicted.  However, since the day started with rain, it made for a nice layer of ice underneath that snow.
 I was kind of waffling on whether I wanted to go outside, but I couldn't pass up on an opportunity to get a picture of the Wolverine kicking up snow.  I didn't think there was actually enough snow on the ground.
 Apparently, there was enough snow along the side of the tracks for the train to kick up.
 But I've taken more dramatic pictures.
 Just a little bit of snow on the leading engine.
 A little more as the train passes.
 But as the snow gets caught in the eddies of the trailing's pretty cool.
And I leave you with a shot of an almost snow obscured depot.

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