Saturday, January 9, 2016

The Ever Lovely Kaye Barker

The Kaye Barker was following pretty closely to the Sam Laud.  It made it somewhat difficult to get pictures of both.
 The Kaye Barker's journey started in Marquette, Michigan.  It would have been about a day and a half ago (or so).
 She picked up a load of taconite for the steel mill in Dearborn.
 I was actually hoping to catch her on the Rouge River, especially since the Fort Street bridge has been completed.
 It was kind of a gray and dreary day though.
 But she's still a lovely ship.
 Especially her beam.
 She started to pass by.
 I wanted to get some of the shore in this shot.
 One more shot of her.
I did manage to catch her on the Rouge River except I wasn't quick enough to get her where I wanted to get her.  I was hoping to catch her as she passed the bridges but I got a little lost.  Oh well, maybe next time.  I do like the steel mill in the background.

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