Saturday, January 9, 2016

Sam Laud in the Mist

I saw that there was a pair of ships heading down today.  They were passing by Port Huron too early for me to catch them there, so I decided to head over to the Rocky Beach to catch them off Belle Isle.
 The Sam Laud was heading down from Silver Bay, Minnesota.  She would have left there on January 6 with a load of taconite which is refined iron ore.
 She was being followed closely by the subject of my next post.
 She would have passed through the Soo Locks at about nine in the morning yesterday.    It takes a little over a day to get from there to Detroit.  Based on some pictures I've seen, she probably had to deal with ice on the St. Marys River.  Fortunately, she doesn't have to deal with ice here.
 She starts to pass Windmill Point.
 She then makes a turn to the right to start into the Detroit River Channel.
 A little power applied during the turn.
 Again, another shot with the next subject of my post.
 The Sam Laud is sort of famous because she appeared in the opening credits of Major League.
 She starts to pass by.
 And gives me an almost beam shot.
And she passes by.  She will be heading to Cleveland in order to deliver her cargo.  In fact, as of this post, she is docked at the Terminal and is offloading some of her taconite before she makes the trek down the Cuyahoga River.

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