Sunday, November 20, 2016

A Pair of Tugs on the Maumee River

My dad came down today and as we were looking for something to do, I saw that the Alpena was heading to Toledo.  He likes the boatwatch but probably not as much as I do.  I wasn't sure where the Alpena was heading to but I remembered that there was a cement dock across the river from the Great Lakes Museum.  I saw that there was another cement dock in a spot that I wouldn't be able to easily see her.  I decided to take a chance and head down to Toledo.
 I'm glad that I took the chance because not only did I get to see the Alpena but I got to see some other things.  First up was the tug Nebraska owned by Great Lakes Towing.
 The Nebraska was built in 1929 and is powered by a diesel engine.
 The Nebraska ended up taking a spot near the Alpena.
 I don't think the Nebraska was helping the Alpena move in though.
 One more shot of the Nebraska.
 Because there was another ship coming through, I got to see the Mississippi as well.
The Mississippi was built in 1916 and is powered by a diesel electric engine.

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