Sunday, November 13, 2016


I wasn't feeling particularly well today but I looked at FlightAware and saw that there was a plane that I don't have many pictures of.  In fact, I think the only pictures I have were ones that I took at O'Hare and they were more or less distance shots.  Taking aircraft pictures is not particularly taxing and it was a nice day, so I decided to head over to the airport.
 First up was an MD-88 coming in for a landing.  I think I have one or two MD-88 pictures.  Anyway, this particular one came over from LaGuardia.  Between the time I took this picture and now, this plane has been to both Philadelphia and Minneapolis.
 As I was taking this picture, this plane was arriving after a flight from Newark Liberty Airport in New Jersey.  After a couple of hours at Detroit Metro, it would find itself on its way to Memphis.  It would then return to Metro and in a few minutes it will find itself heading over to Montreal.
 It's kind of amazing how many places these planes travel to.
 Next up was an Airbus A320 that was arriving from Salt Lake City, Utah.  After some time at Metro, it was flown to New Orleans.  Currently as I type this post, it is on its way back to Metro.
 Here we have a CRJ-900 that was flying in from Toronto Pearson International Airport.  It would then find its way to Pittsburgh and then JFK Airport in New York City.  As I type this post, it is on its way to Dallas-Fort Worth.
 Next up is a CRJ-200 operated by SkyWest Airlines.  It looks like it was coming in from South Bend.
 As I was taking this picture, this 737 was arriving from Chicago-Midway Airport.  After roughly an hour, it would find it's way back to Chicago.  It would then head down to Dallas Love Field.  Currently it is in Atlanta.
This MD-88 was arriving from Bradley International Airport.
 Here we have an Airbus 320 arriving from Phoenix.
 I'm not sure where this CRJ was coming from because I can't quite make out the tail number.
 This Boeing 717 was flying in from Boston's Logan International Airport.  Logan Airport opened on September 8, 1923 and served as the airfield for the Massachusetts National Guard and Army Air Corps.  At that time it was known as Jeffrey Field.  In 1927, the first commercial flight was on Colonial Air Transport between Boston and New York City.  During the 1940's, the airport was expanded as the land surrounding it was filled in.  In 1943, the airport was given it's current name.  It was named after General Edward Lawrence Logan who was an officer in the Spanish-American War that came from the Boston Area.  It is the 18th busiest Airport in the United States.
 Delta Flight 9974 Heavy from JFK Airport coming in for a landing on 21L.  This was a Boeing 777 and this was the plane that I was waiting for.  As I said, I have not been able to get a picture of one here.  Although, I got a decent picture of one at O'Hare.
 The 777 is part of the second generation of wide-body aircraft.  It was originally designed as a tri-jet to compete with the DC-10 and the L-1011.  When the FAA dropped the requirement that ocean crossing aircraft required twin engines, it was decided to turn this into a twin jet engine aircraft.  The plane was designed to have many features similar to the 767.
 The 777 was the first aircraft that was entirely designed on the computer.  It also used one of the first 3D Computer Aided Design programs and this allowed Boeing to better design access spaces and what not.  The plane first flew in 1994 and was introduced to United in 1995.  In that time frame, there have been 1400 aircraft produced/
 I will have to admit, it is a pretty impressive aircraft to watch.  As I am typing this post, it is on its way to Shanghai.

And the title is because on some slot machines, 777 is hitting the Jackpot.
This Spirit Airbus A320 was coming in from Orlando.

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